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Monthly Archives: March 2024

Check Engine Light Flashing - Causes & Prevention

Check Engine Light Flashing - Causes & Prevention A flashing check engine light is a warning sign no driver wants to encounter. It’s that dreaded moment when your vehicle seems to be trying to tell you something, but in a cryptic language only a mechanic can understand. Check Engine Light - What Does it Mean? Ah, the infamous check engine light – that little beacon of uncertainty on your dashboard. But what exactly does it signify? Is it a minor hiccup or a major catastrophe waiting to happen? Well, the truth lies somewhere in between.  The check engine light, often represented by an icon resembling an engine, illuminates when the onboard diagnostic system detects a potential issue with your vehicle’s engine, emissions, or other crucial components. It serves as an early warning system, alerting you to problems that require attenti ... read more

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