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What Are the Most Common Reasons for a Check Engine Light to Come On?

What Are the Most Common Reasons for a Check Engine Light to Come On?

You’re driving, and it feels like any ordinary day. But lo and behold, you are welcomed with a bright yellow light on your dashboard – the check engine light. This warning indicator is so dreaded by many drivers because of the many things it can mean. It is important that you stay informed so that you can avoid panic. Furthermore, you should take the light as a sign to have a professional troubleshoot the problem.   Here are the top reasons why a check engine light illuminates: BAD OXYGEN SENSOR - The O2 sensor plays an integral role in the exhaust system. It measures unburned oxygen levels and communicates with your car’s computer to make adjustments to rebalance the air-to-fuel ratio. When the sensor is corrupted or worn, it will trigger the check engine light instead. WORN SPARK PLUGS - These components ignite the fuel and air combo in the combustion chamber to power the engine. Newer vehicles don’t require new spark plugs as often as older cars ... read more

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