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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter

The coldest season presents significant challenges especially pertaining to your car. The cold temperatures, ice, snow, and slush are all detrimental to your vehicle. If you want a safe driving experience and your car to survive the winter, it is crucial to prepare for it. The following are tips to help you prepare your vehicle for the winter: Check Your Tires Because of the frigid temperatures, your tires will be severely affected during winter. The air inside them will contract, so it is essential to ensure they are properly inflated during winter. Low tire pressure will affect your handling, making it more difficult to steer in the snow. Poorly inflated tires also make it challenging to stop the vehicle. It would be best to get winter tires that are more appropriate for the season. Replace any old tires before winter. Get A Tune-Up Your vehicle will have to work harder during winter so getting a tune-up is an excellent idea. Start by checking the wiper fluid levels in the eng ... read more

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