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Should I Have My Car Inspected Before a Long Trip?

Should I Have My Car Inspected Before a Long Trip?

If you have an upcoming road trip for the Fourth of July or during the summer, we highly recommend having your car, SUV, or truck inspected. A pre-trip check up can help you avoid costly repairs or breakdowns that can take away precious vacation time. At Desi Auto Care, we care about you. A well-maintained vehicle ensures you arrive at your destination safely. Check out some of the things we typically check during a pre-trip inspection: Battery It is good practice to have your battery inspected and tested at least once a year. Aside from checking for a proper charge, you need to make sure the battery connection points are free of corrosion. If you have no experience with doing this, bring your car to our auto repair shop soon. Fluids Car fluids can quickly jeopardize vacation time if they are low, contaminated, or both. You can avoid all the trouble with proper auto maintenance. We can make sure you’re topped off on coolant, brake fluid, oil, and more. Additionally, we can re ... read more

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