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Monthly Archives: September 2021

Follow Our Fall Vehicle Maintenance Check-Sheet!

Follow Our Fall Vehicle Maintenance Check-Sheet!

It's September, which means fall is here in Stratford, NJ. With the seasonal changes, it's time to run through a car maintenance checklist to ensure you're ready for the chilly season.   Having your vehicle inspected during the autumn months may feel like a drag, but it will save you a headache when the temperatures drop and winter hits. Here are six preventative maintenance tips to prepare your car for the autumn:   #1: Check Your Battery Have you ever had a vehicle battery drain during the winter? It's a common phenomenon in the north. In the colder months, vehicle batteries experience heavy wear and tear. All you need is a quick check-up (and possible battery replacement) to ensure you won't be stranded with a dead battery.   #2: Make Sure the Defroster & Heater Works With winter around a few months, we have to prepare for the worst. It's uncomfortable and unsafe to drive in wet conditions and especially freezing conditions. At the ... read more

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