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How Bad Driving Can Harm Your Vehicle

Your car is one of your most valuable possessions. It is also mostly depended on. Maintaining it in its best state and ensuring it lasts for as long as possible must be your top priority. It is crucial to stay on top of its maintenance schedules, including wheel rotations and oil changes. However, how you handle and drive your car can make or break your car's performance and longevity. Here are some of the common driving habits that can hurt your vehicle.

Carelessly Slamming Into Potholes

At one time, you might have to drive on the road with many terrible potholes. You might ignore them and hit them head-on when driving at high speed. This takes a great toll on the steering, suspension, and alignment and might damage or even blow out your vehicle tires. If you cannot effectively steer away from a pothole, you should slow down and avoid potential damage.

Riding the Brakes

Avoid placing your foot o the brake pedal when approaching stop-and-go traffic or if driving down a steep hill. This will lead to the brakes overheating and consequently losing their stopping power. The best way of driving in such conditions might be shifting into a lower gear, driving carefully with enough space between other vehicles, and avoiding accelerating.

Forgetting or Ignoring the Packing Brake

You must use the parking brake whenever you park, whether on flat or hilly terrain. Sure, your vehicle's transition might prevent it from moving when parked. However, the parking brake is the only component designed to keep the vehicle wheels locked and prevent it from moving.

Shifting from Resting Your Hand on the Gear Level

Most drivers are used to keeping one hand on the wheel and the other on the gear stick. Sure, this might be helpful when you need to change the gear frequently. However, your hand's extra weight and pressure can impact the synchronizers and lever bushings. This translates to premature gear box wear and tear. You might therefore want to place both hands on the steering wheel as your driving instructor taught you.


Overloading exerts unnecessary pressure and might damage the drivetrain, suspension, and brakes. It also impacts your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Overloading might also be quite dangerous and might lead to accidents.
Numerous driving habits can damage your vehicle, from riding the clutch and late braking to neglecting the warning lights. Therefore, you must drive your car carefully to avoid potential problems, damages, and accidents.

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