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How to Handle Potholes

Potholes in the road are always something that we try to ignore as drivers. Driving over potholes never feels good, and it seems obvious that they usually cause some damage to our vehicles if driven over fast enough. There are certain measures that you can take while driving over potholes that can help minimize damage to your vehicle and make your ride smoother. 

Potholes happen when water gets into the soil under the road, which eventually freezes and then thaws, weakening down the road. An excessive amount of driving over these areas can cause potholes to form. 

Here are some tips on how to drive with potholes in the road: 

  • Learning how to safely avoid potholes is very helpful. If you live in the area, you may be familiar with your surrounding roads. 
  • If you can't avoid the pothole, try to slow down when driving over them and keep a tight grip on your wheel. 
  • Make sure your tires are always inflated to factory recommendations to avoid a tire blowout.

The damage that potholes can cause to your vehicle include:

  • Deflated or damage tires
  • Push your wheels out of alignment
  • Dent your wheel rims
  • Cause undercarriage damage and leaks
  • Exhaust damage

If you do drive over a pothole and fear that damage may have occured, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Desi Auto Care at your earliest conveience. We will help ensure that your vehicle is still in top working condition! 

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