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How to Maximize Your Car A/C This Summer

During the summer, your vehicle's air conditioning system is vital. Without it, you'll find yourself having a miserable drive. There's nothing like jumping into your vehicle after a warm day in the sun and blasting the A/C. However, did you know that using your A/C at full blast throughout the summer can actually decrease fuel efficiency by up to 25%? That's a lot of gas! 

When you turn on your vehicle's air conditioning system, the system will bring in air from the outside (or the cabin) and will extract heat from the air and then push it through your air vents. The compressor is a major component within the A/C system, and it uses energy from the engine to work, which eats up fuel. 

So, knowing that your A/C can decrease your vehicle's fuel efficiency, here are some ways in which you can maximize your car's A/C during the summer without taking too much of a toll on your vehicle. 

  • Try to park in shaded areas, which will allow you to keep your cabin cooler when you come back to your vehicle. This will require less A/C to cool down your cabin and will also protect your car's interior. 
  • Turn on the recirculate option, which is when you only pull air from the cabin. This helps to reduce the compressor's work and typically the air inside your car is cooler than the outside after running your air conditioning for a while. 
  • Only turn on your A/C once your car is already moving. Running the A/C when your car is idle doesn't work as well and takes more energy from the engine. 
  • Be sure that you are changing your cabin air filters regularly. When the cabin air filter is clogged, less air will be able to travel through the cabin. Plus, the air will be dirty and dusty, which is never good for you to breathe in. 
  • Don't ignore your air conditioning system if it isn't working properly. A refrigerant leak can cause more issues than just a broken A/C, so getting your car serviced here at Desi Auto Care at the first sign of trouble can save you time and money.

Maximize your car's air conditioner this summer without putting too much work on the engine. If you suspect that your vehicle needs an A/C service or repair, we invite you into Desi Auto Care for professional service today. Give us a call or stop by our shop! 

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