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Should You Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection Before Buying a Used Car?

If you don't know already, there is a high demand for cars right now due to a low supply of vehicles. All across the board, prices on both new and used cars have risen. In fact, the average used car price has increased up to nearly 27% from only a year ago.

Though the high prices may not stop some from buying a much-needed car. If you're in the market for a vehicle, you better make sure it's worth every penny. Experts recommend that car buyers get a pre-purchase inspection before buying a used vehicle to ensure they’re making the best investment. 


What Is a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is simply a service offered by auto repair shops, including Desi Auto Care, where expert professionals check the vehicle to determine the actual condition of the car. At Desi Auto Care, our team is qualified to inspect the ins and outs of your vehicle for all things, including mechanical problems, cosmetic damage, and how safe and reliable the vehicle is.

A knowledgeable and experienced mechanic can quickly detect any potential issues that the car may have in the near future better than the average person. Having an expert opinion before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars will make you more confident about your purchase. It's also not uncommon nowadays for used car sellers to say that the car is in a better condition than what it actually is. Most of them will hide information from you.


What Gets Inspected During a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

The technicians at Desi Auto Care will go in-depth during the inspection. They will generally check the following aspects of the used vehicle:

  1. Any warning lights on the dashboard
  2. Tires and suspension system
  3. Fluid checks for potential leaks
  4. Exhaust system
  5. Exterior body check
  6. Lighting
  7. Air conditioning and heating system
  8. Brakes
  9. Engine system
  10. Transmission

Once you get this service done, the mechanic will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of which items check off and any concerns. If an underlying issue gets detected, you can negotiate with the seller for a better price.


If you are contemplating a pre-purchase inspection, don't wait any longer! Look to Desi Auto Care in Stratford, NJ, for reliable and honest auto services.

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