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What Are the Signs of Low Brake Fluid?

Do you detect any issues with your brake pedal? Are you unsure if these symptoms indicate low brake fluid? For both your safety and the safety of other motorists on the road, having a solid pair of brakes is crucial.

What causes low brake fluids?

Your vehicle might end up having low brake fluid levels if there is;

Damaged brake pads

The brake pads may be impacted by low levels of brake fluid. Because brake pads are a crucial component of a vehicle's braking system, having insufficient brake fluid might cause the pads to malfunction.

Pools of leaking fluid

Leaks in the system can significantly lower the hydraulic pressure needed to slow and stop a vehicle. Brake fluid leaks can be found by looking for residue left behind after a car is parked or by inspecting the fluid reservoir beneath the hood.

Signs of low brake fluids

If your car shows any of these symptoms, you might need to have it fixed;

ABS Activates with brake system's odor

Your Anti-lock Braking System light turning on is the most typical indicator that you require more brake fluid. When you need to change or add extra fluid to your car, this light typically comes on. If your braking system emits a burning odor, it is because of the overheating system.

Longer stopping distance

Your car's brake pads may be worn out if your brake fluid level is low. The caliper piston must extend further to engage the brakes as the pads start to deteriorate, which could cause the fluid level to drop. The worn-out shoes or pads might cause longer stopping distances and other problems.

Reduced or stained brake fluid

Your brake fluid may eventually run out or turn discolored. It is a clue that your car's brake fluid should be changed if you notice that it is dirty-looking or has debris in it. Routinely monitor your brake fluid to make sure it is not low on or unclean.


Do not risk driving with faulty brake systems. If you need your brake fluid replenished, feel free to bring your vehicle over to Desi Auto Care.

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