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What Can Cause a Loud Screeching Noise When I Start My Car?

You get into your car in the morning on the way to work and start it up...only to hear a loud screeching noise. The noise subsides, and you continue driving as normal. But the next day - it happens again. What could be causing this loud screeching noise that only happens when you start your car? More than likely - you've got a belt problem. However, there are a few different options for causes when it comes to this occurrence. Lets dive into what those causes may be and what you should do next. 

The belts, pulleys, and tensioners in your vehicle's engine, when working as they should in proper condition, will be quiet and unnoticed. However, when one of these components is worn, frayed, or snapped - you will begin to notice the noise. As soon as you hear a screeching or slapping sound coming from the engine, whether on start up or throughout your drive, it is important to get your vehicle inspected right away. A broken belt can lead to other engine damage and repairs, which you want to avoid. Belts don't make it obvious when they are nearing the end of their life, so having regular inspections and staying on top of your manufacturer's recommendations when it comes to belt replacement is key. 

Here are some of the possible reasons behind what you are experiencing: 

  • Your drive or auxiliary belts are worn
  • The tensioners or pulleys are worn
  • Your vehicle's torque, alignment, or belt size is of

Regardless of the cause, as soon as you hear a strange screeching noise coming from the engine, don't hesitate to drop by Desi Auto Care. Our professionals will perform a full inspection of your vehicle's engine components to determine the cause of the problem and figure out how to get you back on the road in a timely manner. Give us a call today or make an appointment via our online appointment form for your next visit! 

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