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What Does Colored Exhaust Smoke Indicate?

Most of the time, we associate colors with meaning. Green is for go, red for stop, and so on. This should also apply to the smoke coming from our vehicle's exhaust. Certain shades and colors mean different things, but not many people know it, so if you are one of them, keep scrolling.

White Or Almost Clear Smoke

You have nothing to worry about here. White or clear is the expected color of the smoke coming from your exhaust. Water accumulates and vaporizes in the exhaust system resulting in almost no smoke. To be exact, it's vapor and not smoke.

Gray Or Bluish Smoke

Gray smoke indicates that there is an oil leak somewhere. Most of the time, this happens in the engine block. A gasket or seal has broken, and oil leaks into the combustion chambers where it ignites. This problem can be very costly so be sure to have it checked and fixed as soon as possible.

Bluish smoke while accelerating or slowing down points to something bad happening in your motor. Damaged piston rings and valve guides are the most common. 

Heavy White or Gray Smoke

If your exhaust is pouring out thick white or gray smoke clouds, we have bad news. A cracked block or blown cylinder, if not both, can be the culprit. Letting this go unnoticed can leave you with a totaled car that needs a new engine, so we advise you to act on time.

Black Smoke

When the car is burning too much fuel, it results in black exhaust smoke. A clogged air filter, broken fuel injection system, obstructed manifold, or several other problems might be to blame. Thanks to modern automotive technology, a clogged air filter won't reduce your gas mileage, but you'll pay for it with subpar performance. Have a mechanic examine your car to determine why extra fuel is used.

By knowing the meaning behind every color of exhaust smoke, you know when to go for an inspection. You could be one day off from a blown cylinder or fuel leak, but knowing these differences can save you in time. If your exhaust is giving you warning signals, visit Desi Auto Care so they can have it inspected and fixed.

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