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Why Are My Windshield Defrosters Not Working?

On certain mornings in Stratford, NJ, you might have to crank up the heat and turn on your defrosters to get rid of the ice. Furthermore, the cold can create condensation on your windscreen, making it hard to see when driving. A functional defroster can eliminate those problems. All in all, many Stratford drivers rely on their defrosters this time of year. 

Therefore, a malfunctioning heating and defrosting system can be a major inconvenience and concern. Below are some common problems that can cause your defrosters to stop working:

  • Clogged fresh air intake - Your front defrosters need proper airflow to do their job. If one or more of your intake is blocked, it could impact the defrosters' performance.
  • Faulty thermostat - An open thermostat that is stuck open can prevent your heater and defrosters from working. 
  • Broken heater core - Like the radiator, this component has coolant flowing through it to provide your vents with heat. A damaged heater core will also make your defrosters malfunction.
  • Damaged blower motor - The blower can wear out over time and lead to blown fuses. If this happens, you won't be able to get air directed at your windshield.
  • Jammed controls - Whether your car has buttons or dials, they can get gummy and stuck over time. If you can't make the adjustments to turn them on, your defrosters won't kick in.

Don't put off heater and defroster repair as it can put both your comfort and safety on the line. If you need defroster repairs, look no further than Desi Auto Care! Our technicians will take care of your auto problems and get you back on the road in no time.

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