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Why Does My Car Smell Like Syrup?

That sweet smell of syrup...great on a Sunday morning grubbing out with some pancakes. Not so great when you're driving. The smell of syrup isn't necessarily an unpleasant one, but it can definitely indicate an issue with your vehicle. Unless you realize you've left a takeout box from Denny's in your backseat, the syrupy smell you're experiencing isn't from food. 

Whether it is a smell, a sound, or a feeling - whenever your vehicle presents you with something unusual, it is typically a sign that something is wrong. The smell of something sweet, like maple syrup, is no different. Chances are if you're smelling this sweet syrupy smell, you've got a coolant leak. 

Coolant has an extremely important job when it comes to your car. It circulates throughout the engine, hoses, the radiator, and the heater core. It regulates the temperature of the engine to avoid overheating, and also acts as a temperature transferor in order to provide heat to your cabin heating and defrosting systems. 

A smell of maple syrup indicates that coolant is leaking somewhere in your vehicle. When coolant leaks, the amount of coolant circulating will decrease significantly. Driving your vehicle on low coolant can be detrimental to your vehicle's operation, especially because it may lead to engine overheating. When an engine overheats, irreversible damage can occur and your engine may need repairs in order to run like it used to. 

As soon as you notice this scent, be sure to bring your car into the experts here at Desi Auto Care. We will perform a full inspection of the cooling system to find the leak and ensure that it is repaired quickly. We can also assess any damage caused, but the sooner you take care of the problem, the best. Give us a call or stop by our shop today! 

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